Decisions – Are They As Important As We Think They Are and Do They Deserve As Much Effort As We Put Into Them?

I am now a few weeks away from hopefully giving birth to our second child and have been given the choice whether to have a cesarean again or not, because last time despite my best efforts that’s the route we had to go down.

In the past I have made decisions by seeking lots of people’s opinions and analysing and re-analysing these opinions along with thoughts of my own, by myself and with other people, which is frankly exhausting for me and everyone else I involve!

This time I have consciously chosen to decide differently. – To wait for decision to come to me rather than to agonise over it.

I’m not saying I haven’t been responsible around it. – I have – I have consulted the senior midwife and spoke to people who had been in a similar situation. – What I realised is, that as with most things in life, there is no right answer and we have no influence over the outcome in the long run anyway. – In other words we are far less ‘in control’ than we think we are.  So all we can do is chose and if we change our mind we can.

I use this example because it is relevant to me now but you could apply the same to any decisions including whether to take a certain job, what holiday to go on etc.

What I’m beginning to learn is what feels right to you is more important than any intellectual or practical justification you have for doing anything. This really hits home to me when I think about  one or two career decisions I took for practical reasons when deep inside I didn’t have a good feeling about them, but I didn’t have the courage to admit that to myself and go with my feeling rather than my intellect. You live and you learn that’s all any of us can do.

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