“I’ve come into sessions with a lot on my mind. Some of them were at very busy times of year when there was tons going on and I was under a lot of pressure. During my sessions with George, I really got peaceful and quiet, and found a lot of clarity within. It surprises me each time, because she says so little!  She doesn’t seem to be advising me or guiding me at all, but as she listens and makes small comments I feel myself settling deeper into myself and I get clarity. There were several times where she made small insightful comments that really turned my world and led me to later drop beliefs that were very deep and very old….

George is so comfortable to speak to I never feel judged, evaluated, or even like she is trying to relate to me. It hardly feels that she is the mentor! It just feels like a very natural, comfortable, helpful conversation!”

C – Mother of 6

“Since my introduction to the Three Principles, I’ve gained a lot of freedom, confidence and sense of pride in who I am and what I am capable of. I’ve let go of a lot of crap. Sometimes it weedles itself back into my head but whereas before I’d panic and let it rule me I now find myself exposing it……and the thoughts, feelings – unnecessary obstacles – that would historically grip me for days/weeks/even years can’t seem to stick, or be able to have such influence in the manner that they used to….

George herself is a remarkable teacher, largely down to the fact that she doesn’t present herself as such. Most of the time it’s like chatting with a friend – a really calm, open, caring friend who takes what you say without judgement and simply has your best interests at heart and gives you the space to work things out yourself – a hugely rewarding and empowering experience.”

 Amy, London

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