What does it mean to live a life less serious?

Does it mean you need to be happy all the time? Definitely not! Does it mean living a blissed out life where nothing happens? Definitely not! In fact it’s been funny watching myself whilst creating a book for the last two years. It has been a lesson in continually taking my life less seriously moment by moment.

The week before last, this meant dealing with my son needing stitches in his head after falling on a step the day before A Life Less Serious was launched.

This resulted in me spending most of the time I was launching the book on social media doing it from hospital waiting rooms with dodgy internet connections, whilst still being there for my son.

What did I learn from this and continue to learn from these experiences? – The more we are present to what is happening now moment to moment to moment – The more we are able to deal with life moment to moment to moment, present in the now rather than caught up in the drama of what our imagination and habitual thinking wants to create in the movie maker of our heads. I wish you a life less serious!

I’m hosting two one hour zoom events with some of the amazing and inspirational women who shared their personal stories in the book.

The first one is tomorrow Thursday 24 March at 8pm so if you’d like to join us you can register here
The other one is next Tuesday 29 March at 8pm so if you would like to joins us you can register here.

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