Why I’m Passionate About Supporting Mums With Babies

Hi I’m George and I’m a mum of two young boys, Innate Health teacher, author of the blog ‘Confessions of An Overthinker’ and co-founder of the meet-up group ‘Overthinkers Anonymous’.

I really struggled emotionally after the birth of my first baby. Breastfeeding was difficult for me and I ended up bottle feeding which I found hard to make peace with myself about. I also felt that I could no longer contribute to the household in the way I had in the past and this affected my self-esteem. Even though this was a difficult time for me, I knew thanks to the basic understanding of the 3 Principles of Innate Health I had at that time that it would pass. This shone a light for me at the end of the tunnel that I know, from speaking to them, many of my friends did not have.

By the time I had my second child I had a much deeper understanding of the 3 Principles of Innate Health and where my experience of life is really coming from. Because of this I found that I was much happier, more resilient and robust and this time around it has been a much lighter, easier and more pleasurable experience as a result.

I am now passionate about supporting other mums to reconnect with their own Innate Health so that they can embrace and enjoy this precious time with their baby.

I offer  group support in the form of Napchat (an online support group that happens every other Thursday at 11.30am) and one to one support that is tailored to your needs. – So if you are curious to find out more get in touch.