That Insecure Feeling – Reflections from a sunny day with stormy thinking

FearIt’s funny I was having a lovely day enjoying the sunshine with my toddler and all of a sudden I started to feel a bit angsty and a bit insecure. Then I started to question myself about things I’d said and not said, done and not done which led me to more insecure feelings. Sometimes I can experience these feelings and then blame them on feeling tired and somehow that takes the edge off them because I naturally know not to trust them no matter how alluring they seem. Other times these negative thoughts draw me into their web and then whatever happens in the day I seem to use them as ammunition to fuel that thinking and make myself feel worse and worse.

As an Innate Health teacher I know deep down that my thinking creates my feeling in the moment and not my circumstances and yet at times I can’t help be led down the path of insecure and negative thinking and feeling. It seems so compelling and alluring; I can’t seem to help myself. When I do – it’s OK and I reluctantly give into it because I know it only lasts so long and I’ll come out of it when I’m ready. –I may have a change of scene and it’s gone or not.

I reflect back on days like these and I see that this is just a habit of thinking that I have. In fact one of the many habits of thinking that I have and somehow that helps me to be more accepting and compassionate to myself, which in itself helps me gain more perspective.

You see we all have our own habits of thinking, mine happen to be around questions about whether I’ve done/said the right thing or not and whether I’ve been a good person or not. Telling myself I’m a bad person etc. You may have something similar just in a different flavour (For example taking things personally or thinking others can’t do right by you etc.) Just identifying these as habitual thought storms we innocently get ourselves into is helpful as it gives us perspective to forgive ourselves and move on. It is also a helpful reminder that it’s not our circumstances that give us our experience of life it’s our thinking about those circumstances.  So if we have fallen foul of a habitual thought storm then those circumstances are only ever going to look the way we see them through the lens of that stormy thinking. – That is until the sun comes out again and we see life as it is in the moment in the beauty of the sunshine.  Enjoy the spring weather everyone.

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