Mum and Baby

I am  passionate about supporting other mums to reconnect with their own Innate Health so that they can embrace and enjoy this precious time with their baby. I conducted some research with mums and practitioners about what emotional support is needed by mums and as a result offering the following…

  • Nap Chat – an online support group for mums – Every Other Thursday 11.30am  and 1.30pm.  For more info click here.
  • New Mum Survival Course – A four-part course available on-line or in person that will cover different aspects of emotional support each week such as self-esteem and lack of sleep. To find out more click here.
  • One -to-One Support – face to face or online.  For more info click here.

A Word About Innate Health

The 3 Principles of Innate Health is an approach that among other benefits naturally helps you take your thinking less seriously and get more in touch with your inner wisdom. It began in Canada over 40 years ago and is now taught in variety of settings around the world helping thousands of people.  If you’d like to find out more click here