Contemplating Lack Of Sleep – Is It A State Of Mind?

Lack of sleepIf you go to any classes about the 3 Principles you will often hear people talk a lot about ‘State of Mind’ and ‘Levels of Consciousness’. What they mean is that we are all going in out of moods all the time and this effects how we see the world and our lives, and this is completely natural. So to explain ‘Levels of Consciousness’:  if you imagine a lift on the outside of a high storey building  and  on the bottom level all you can see is what’s directly in front of you, for example the grass and the trees surrounding the building. As the lift rises to different floors you begin to see more and more, so the tops of the buildings, the surrounding area etc, etc. This is similar to our state of mind. – At the bottom the lift you just see the crowded thoughts in front of you and they seem very real and very compelling. As you rise in the lift you see more and more of the bigger picture and thus gain more and more perspective, so that the thoughts from the bottom of the lift don’t seem so compelling any more. The lift can stay on a floor or move up and down.  Sometimes you can be on the bottom floor for a while maybe a few days or longer. Sometimes you can be up and down the lift at different points in the day, depending on how much you are taking your thinking seriously at any given moment.

Someone once said to me ‘lack of sleep’ is a state of mind and I really didn’t get it because to me it seemed so real that it must be an exception to the rule. Now I’m not so sure… Continue reading

Can Being In A Bad Mood Lead To Inner-Peace?

Due to the pregnancy I’ve had quite a bit of insomnia which has helped me get this blog up before the baby comes so could be seen as a good thing. However the other weekend me and my husband were watching ‘The Voice’ to wind down and I decided to ask him to help me get my ipod working, even though I knew deep down this probably wasn’t the best timing.  – I was right it pushed us both over the edge. This resulted in him getting in a huff with me, fair enough and me getting emotional – also fair enough. Because we now understand each others moods and realised it was better to do our own thing rather than aggravate each other further he went upstairs to read and I went downstairs – to watch TV/sulk.

When I was sulking in front of the TV it occurred to me that I could sulk just about what happened and leave it at that,  or I could indulge my emotional mood and see where my thoughts went. Because I was in the mood for a good cry I thought I’m going to go with this  and indulge myself and boy did I go for it! Continue reading