Overthinkers Anonymous

I am an inveterate overthinker who over the course of my lifetime have overthought and agonised over anything and everything for as long as I can remember exasperating friends, family and most of all myself! If you are anything like me, you’ll know you are a fellow overthinker if you:

  • Research for hours on end and then buy/go for the first thing you saw/thought of.
  • Run conversations over and over and in your head before/after they actually happen.
  • Spend more time/energy thinking about things than actually doing them.
  • Write extensive lists of pros and cons which leave you just as confused as when you started.
  • Drive people mad canvassing opinions but never take their advice

Over the last twelve years I have been on a journey of learning to take my thinking less seriously. If you would like to embark on that journey and learn something that will help you take your thinking less seriously and live a life with more ease and less angst I can really recommend some books that would help you on your journey:

The books by Dr Amy Johnson, Michael Neil and George Halfin have communities you can join to support you in your journey

The Little School of Big Change

Michael Neill

A Life Less Serious

You can find more resources and videos by Syd Banks here

I hope you find these helpful.