Overthinkers Anonymous

This is group  for all you fellow overthinkers out there who would like to learn something that will help you take your thinking less seriously and live a life with more ease and less angst . We (George and Matt) are inveterate overthinkers who over the course of our lifetimes have overthought and agonised over anything and everything for as long as we can remember exasperating friends, family and most of all ourselves! If you are anything like us you’ll know you are a fellow overthinker if you:

  • Research for hours on end and then buy/go for the first thing you saw/thought of.
  • Run conversations over and over and in your head before/after they actually happen.
  • Spend more time/energy thinking about things than actually doing them.
  • Write extensive lists of pros and cons which leave you just as confused as when you started.
  • Drive people mad canvassing opinions but never take their advice.

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We hold regular meetings and events both in-person and on-line. To find out more click here.

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