Napchat logoRecently had a baby – Don’t just reach for the chocolate– join us for another form of pick me up. Monthly on the first Thursday of every month at 11.30am
Next NapChat  -Thursday 7 April at 11.30am
Focussing on Changing Relationships

During these online group video calls you will have the chance to let off steam, clear your head and get support from other mums in a similar boat to you. As well as learn something that will help you deal with life with a baby whilst feeling good about yourself and knowing that you can trust your judgement.

Each month’s call will have a different focus with a chance for general discussion at the end. This month we will be focussing our Napchat on how having a baby feels like it may have affected our relationship with our partner and/or close family, and how we have the potential to see this in a different way.

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“Its really lovely to be able to connect and communicate with other mums in the same situation as me without leaving my home. I feel I can share concerns without fear of judgement. Each session increases my confidence in my own abilities and instincts as a parent.” Mum of two