Can Being In A Bad Mood Lead To Inner-Peace?

Due to the pregnancy I’ve had quite a bit of insomnia which has helped me get this blog up before the baby comes so could be seen as a good thing. However the other weekend me and my husband were watching ‘The Voice’ to wind down and I decided to ask him to help me get my ipod working, even though I knew deep down this probably wasn’t the best timing.  – I was right it pushed us both over the edge. This resulted in him getting in a huff with me, fair enough and me getting emotional – also fair enough. Because we now understand each others moods and realised it was better to do our own thing rather than aggravate each other further he went upstairs to read and I went downstairs – to watch TV/sulk.

When I was sulking in front of the TV it occurred to me that I could sulk just about what happened and leave it at that,  or I could indulge my emotional mood and see where my thoughts went. Because I was in the mood for a good cry I thought I’m going to go with this  and indulge myself and boy did I go for it! Continue reading

Decisions – Are They As Important As We Think They Are and Do They Deserve As Much Effort As We Put Into Them?

I am now a few weeks away from hopefully giving birth to our second child and have been given the choice whether to have a cesarean again or not, because last time despite my best efforts that’s the route we had to go down.

In the past I have made decisions by seeking lots of people’s opinions and analysing and re-analysing these opinions along with thoughts of my own, by myself and with other people, which is frankly exhausting for me and everyone else I involve!

This time I have consciously chosen to decide differently. – To wait for decision to come to me rather than to agonise over it.

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