Too Much Choice! – Are Too Many Options Bad For Our Health?

mobile phone choices I just had to get a new mobile phone because my old one had stopped working deleting my entire address book from when I first got a mobile phone in its wake! Joy! –Not even putting it in rice as my 3 year old suggested could save it this time!

What struck me about this was the amount of choice and options I had and how much information there was to steer me in different directions. I went into 2 phone shops on 3 days running to look into what I should get and then spent an additional 2 hours on the computer checking my bill history and researching further. As we all know with the internet there is no end to the research you can do and in terms of reviews you can always find someone who has found a fault with something!  – And even though we know that’s the case part of us wants to doubt our choices and use the ‘research’ as evidence. Even when I thought I had chosen the phone and the tariff and was about to make a purchase I was given even more options which led me into another spiral of thinking and doubt. By then I’d had enough of the overthinking and analysis so just went with the phone I had agreed with my husband was a good option the day before.

The truth is that when faced with such a purchase there is no right answer.  Does it really matter anyway? No, but we think of it like it does! Then this thinking can lead us to feeling overwhelmed and unsure of ourselves.

It was funny because I was stuck in the shop for 3 hours just signing up to my new contract. Luckily the baby was very good and slept most of the time and 3 other people were in the same boat. We joked that it was a quicker decision to buy a house than a phone. Isn’t that crazy?!? – Its true I only ever saw the house we bought and no others and yet with a phone I researched for 3 days!

We are lucky to have choices and yet they can often occur to us as burdens because we get in our heads about them and take them too seriously. If we are able to be OK with whatever we choose whatever happens then we can have a more peaceful relationship with choice. After all things work out the way they are going to work out whatever we do. It’s us that creates the drama and get in our own way.

On another note on the losing my contacts it’s turned out to be a blessing in disguise because it has meant I’ve reconnected with lots of people I had lost touch with.

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